April 14, 2014


CHICKEN+AVOCADO TACO. www.osiemoats.com

When I don't have time during the day I make up for it by eating as clean as possible. We try and keep 90% of our grocery list fresh produce. This week I'll be indulging in these delicious chicken and avocado tacos! Obviously you can alter this taco to satisfy your taste buds, but this is what I put on mine.

Chicken+Avocado Tacos |

1 whole wheat tortilla
Half of an avocado ( I use mine as a 'spread')
2 grilled chicken tenderloins ( I cut mine into small bites as opposed to the long strips)
Shredded Cheese
Black beans
Heaping handful of organic spinach

This taco takes a few minutes to make a couple seconds to scarf down. Perfect for my daily routine.